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Womens Place in Our Society Essay Example

Womens Place in Our Society Essay Example Womens Place in Our Society Essay Womens Place in Our Society Essay Today women are enjoying high place in our society because Islam has given them great respect. In the near past women were considered inferior to men. They were debarred from taking part in social life. Their sphere of activities was limited to domestic work. Up to the 19th century it was believed that women were the servants of the homes of their husbands. In those days women were not allowed to take part in political and social life and administration. Rousseau the French philosopher who never married once said The dignity of woman consists in being unknown to the world her glory is the esteem of her husband her pleasure the happiness of her family. Quite recently women have come to take more and more prominent part in many spheres of life In some respects they have excelled men. In sports intellectual and artist pursuits in office and industry they have set a new record of honesty and efficiency. They have succeeded marvelously as teachers and nurses goldsmith the famous poet and writer made a complaint two centuries ago Women famed of their valour their skill in politics or their learning have left the duties of their own sex in order to invade the privilege of ours. This is what the women are doing today. Now women are enjoying that place in society. Which they could never think of it past. There is particularly no field where women are not competing with men. In professions outdoor life and law they claim equality with men. In business trade industry in the learned professions in politics administration, scientific research literary and artistic activities. Eve is making herself felt everywhere. They are police and military officers. They are working as sale girls as air hostesses and as clerks and steno typists. They are turning out men from the posts of personal secretaries. As the days pass we have to get more and more used to the idea of seeing women working side by side of men riding driving, flying, playing even fighting. Even in Pakistan we have women athletes writers, leaders, administrators. They are fast discarding purdah and taking to active outdoor life. Law has given a woman a status equal to that of man. In nearly every democratic country women have the right to vote. Not only this now women got a chance to become the head of he state. The selection of Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister twice in a great example of womens place in society. Many other women are also serving at key posts. Many thinkers including most of the Muslims do not like their idea of woman liking an active part in public life and in the professions. They argue that biologically womans function is different from mans she has to be a mother. Women are not suitable for every job. They are too delicate to perform arduous duties of life. The real greatness of a woman lies in her role as mother. It is rightly said the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The mother who can bring up the right sort of children is really a great benefactor of society. Islamic society gives a very respectable position to woman. The Holy Prophet has said Verily the paradise lies under the feet of your mother.

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Minority parents and child discipline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Minority parents and child discipline - Essay Example There are differences in the way children are punished by African American/Southern parents compared to their Caucasian/New England counterparts. Such variations are seen in other minority groups like Hispanic Americans, Korean Americans, etc. Chinese and Indian American parents’ methods and attitudes toward child discipline have particularly attracted comment and criticism. For example, in these communities, emphasis on academic excellence is very high. And parents accomplish this by imposing strict controls over her their children’s personal, family and social lives. The children are seldom allowed to indulge in extracurricular activities, get any grade other than an A, and not master musical instruments at a young age. Behind this grand ambition for her children, there goes a lot of hard work from all involved. And it is due to this kind of strictly regimented, industrious and highly ambitious life-style imposed on their children that they were able to achieve so muc h success in such a short time. The parents are of the firm conviction that they are the best judges of what is good for their children and resolutely act to attain those goals. Hence what might come across as child abuse at first might actually be effective child rearing practice when seen in the larger context. The problems arise, when punishment comes in conflict with state and federal laws for child protection.

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Career planing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Career planing - Assignment Example cognizes the trends in the modern changing world in terms information and technology by constantly researching and acquainting myself with current concepts in mathematics, assessing, evaluating, and applying new strategies and techniques in an appropriate and continuous manner. I want to be involved in action research that will help test the effectiveness of class-specific strategies in order to be used to improve the performance of my students and others by availing them for adoption by other teachers. As a teacher, I will put my skills to task in finding and developing better learning resources and also share them with other educationists in the community. For the fact that my goals revolve around facilitating learning in young people, I will practice a learning lifestyle, share my personal learning with other educationists, and model lifelong learning. In this form of lifestyle, I will be able to gain self-actualization and fulfillment through continuous achievement of performance targets. It will also give me great pleasure to realize that the future is guaranteed of good leadership as a consequence of my

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The Importance of Art Education Essay Example for Free

The Importance of Art Education Essay Manifold, M., Zimmerman, E. (2011). Everyone Needs an Art Education: Developing Leadership Through Positive Attitudes Toward Art Methods Courses. Art Education, 64(6), 33-39. This article reports on a study that was conducted to see if positive leadership, when it comes to art education in the K-6 classroom, would lead to positive responses from students who previously held a negative view to art-related classes. The article also addresses the importance of art education being integrated into the general curriculum, thereby developing students who will be future advocates and role models, with positive attitudes toward the arts. This article is considered scholarly because it is peer-reviewed. The source of academic authority is the peer-review process. Bohannon, R., McDowell, C. (2010). Art, Music, and Movement Connections for Elementary Education Teacher Candidates. General Music Today, 24(1), 27-31. The article discusses a lesson plan using the connection between the visual arts, movement, and music, and introducing the concept of line and contour. Through the use of art, the teacher was able to incorporate the concept of line and contours in match, science, reading, and social studies. The article details how teachers expose their students to art, and then help them make the connection to other subjects. The article is considered scholarly because it is peer reviewed. The source of academic authority is the peer-review process. Diket, R. M. (2003). The Arts Contribution to Adolescent Learning. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 39(4), 173-177. The Arts provide a â€Å"unique core of understanding, and enhancements for learning through other school subjects† (Diket, 174). The article details the importance of art, and it’s incorporation into other subject matters. The article discusses the impact of the â€Å"No Child† Legislature, and the importance of teachers recogni zing the value of art in their lesson plans. The article is peer review and considered scholarly. The source of academic authority is the peer-review process.

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Drinking Games :: essays research papers

Drinking Games Drug Dealer Quite a simple game actually, with a low-mid boot factor. This is a game to play while doing other things at a party. To play the game you need one playing card for each participant. You always need one King and one Ace, and a variety of numbered cards some low, some mid, some high, but just one card per player. The cards are dealt face down, take a quick peek. The person who gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace is the drug dealer, everyone else are bystanders. It is the drug dealers job to very VERY discreetly wink at another player, this person while enventually say 'the deal has been made.' At this time the cop identifies him/herself and tries to figure out who the dealer is. The cop chooses a player, if wrong the cop drinks the number shown on the card, and then chooses again, if wrong again, he drinks the number on that card. When the cop chooses correctly, the drug dealer drinks the NUMBER OF CARDS remaining NOT the total of the numbers on the cards. After that, the cards are redealt and the game goes on. This is a great game for when people don't feel like playing a game because it's the regular socializing that helps disguise any winks and keep the cop on his/her toes. However, it helps alot if the players do sit in a circle while playing, and not spread around a room. Obviously if you want to increase the boot factor, play with high numbered cards. Fuzzy Duck A good get-to-know-ya kind of game. Simple supplie: people and beer. Low buzz factor. Not too bad of a game after everybody's had a few. Begin the game by saying "fuzzy duck" to the person to your left. That person then says "fuzzy duck" to the person on his/her left. This continues until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying "does he" (duzzy). "Does he" changes the direction and the phrase that is said. Not only does the direction change but the people must say "ducky fuzz." Now the game is going to the right with "ducky fuzz." The direction is then changed back by saying "duzzy." The words to say go back to "fuzzy duck." Any screw-ups ===> drink. After awhile when the mistakes are more frequent, it turns into, "Does he F**ck?" or "F**k he does." Variation: the same player cannot say the same thing consequtively within the same round. ie: if player 1 starts with "Fuzzy Duck," and play comes back around to him, he must say "Does He"

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The Weather Underground Review

The Weather Underground Review During the Vietnam War, a radical protest group rose up on the campus of the University of Michigan. Weathermen, as they became called in everyday vernacular, were actually nothing like weathermen at all – they protested, rioted, bombed, and broke people out of jail, to mention a few of their actions. The name was formally changed to Weather Underground Organization a year after the founding, and their acts of terror followed shortly after.Earlier in the semester, a documentary about the Environmental Liberation Front was viewed. In this documentary, titled If a Tree Falls, a radical protest organization rises up to confront environmental issues. In this essay I will compare and contrast the two. The Weather underground Organization was formed in order to protest the United State Government's intervention in Vietnam, although it expanded to an array of other issues as time passed. The Civil Rights Movement became another catalyst for protest, as the notion of â€Å"black power† was not something very appealing to the members.Bill Areas, a prominent leader of the group, owned because he was upset with the war in Vietnam and wanted to do something about it. The group was nonviolent towards people and to this day says that they never killed an innocent person. Three of their members died when a bomb they were making exploded, but that was all. They bombed mostly government buildings and some banks, with notable attacks being done on the United States Capitol building, The Pentagon, and the New York Police Department.These attacks were all done to send a message of fear to the people in power in an effort to make them change their ways. To justify the actions of the group, Bill Areas was quoted saying, â€Å"Large numbers of people are broken from the notion that the system is working for people, that the system is just or humane or peaceful. † The United States government reaching peace with Vietnam toward the mi ddle of the sass was the reason for the organization going out of style, as they had no Issue left to protest.The Environmental Liberation Front was formed after a group of people became upset with how government policies were favorable for businesses looking to expand and remove forestry. Within the group, which only served o protest, there was a small cell that turned to arson in order to perpetuate their views. The leader, Daniel McGowan, organized various attacks on businesses and corporations that were cutting down trees. One of the better- known attacks was at a Colorado ski resort that resulted in hundreds Of thousands of dollars in destruction.The group was also nonviolent toward people, having never claimed a life. The Environmental Liberation Front leaders that were purporting the violent attacks were captured and arrested by United States Federal officials and tried in court in the last couple of years. Both of these organizations have many things in common; beginning wit h them being categorized as terrorist organizations. The terrorist organizations were founded in response to a public issue that they felt was not receiving enough attention and quickly turned to violence to get their message sent to the people in power.Both Bill Areas and Daniel McGowan were strong leaders with a substantial following of people, too. The attacks carried out by the organizations were also very meticulously planned out as to not kill any civilians, which would have seen the reaction from the government and police be much more significant. Their targets were similar then, in that regard, as it was entirely buildings that were bombed. The Weather Underground Organization's reason for formation and action was due to the Vietnam War, which they strongly opposed.The reason that the Environmental Liberation Front's formation was entirely different; it was completely related to the destruction Of trees by businesses. Therefore, their targets differed in scope. The Weather u nderground Organization almost exclusively bombed government buildings, with some banks added in. To the contrary, The Environmental Liberation Front targeted businesses that cutting own forests for their personal benefit. The organizations both differed in how they faded out.The end of the Vietnam War saw the Weather underground Organization lose it's relevance while the arrests of leaders in the Environmental Liberation Front caused it to cease its violent attacks. The class defines a terrorist act as something that has political motives, involves violence or the threat of violence against noncombatants, intends to have far-reaching psychological repercussions, and is perpetrated by people who believe they are altruists. The Weather Underground Organization had al the makings of a terrorist organization based on this four-part definition.The motives of the group were entirely political; it was created in response to the United States Government authorizing involvement in the Vietn am War and also grew in scope during the Civil Rights Movement. Without the political catalysts to get the organization started, it would not have been formed in the first place. Violence was found throughout the organization, as their attacks involved bombs on buildings, as well as freeing a person from prison. The threat of violence continued in the wake of attacks, as people ere constantly worried that their building was next.Moreover, the victims were noncombatants, as they were simply working for the government. The psychological repercussions were intended to be far reaching -? to the executive branch of the United States Government. They intended to influence the government at all levels to change their ways. Finally, the perpetrators were acting as if they were altruists. Clearly they felt that the Vietnam War was wrong and that, by their actions, they were going to make things right. During the Vietnam War, a radical protest group rose up on the amass of the University of M ichigan.

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A Discussion On Information Technology Projects - 1259 Words

I. IT PM Negotiation: In the context of Information technology projects, there is always a guideline of approach so as not to ask an excess of questions. But specifically in the software systems where it requires to be cautious in upfront negotiation as we all know that software frequently gets critical to business and is difficult to supplant in this manner as the negotiation methodologies don t work much after usage. Early negotiations in the project has to cover the execution process as well as continuous management process for the entire duration of the contract. For these to overcome we need to have an effective negotiations group leader who not only plays an important role in implementing the negotiation strategy but also take critical steps to look after the system. This will overcome the negotiation strategy as we see in the information technology projects, there won’t be any particular role of a team leader assigned for negotiation rather the entire job is disseminated to the whole team and there won’t be much focus on the negotiation part. By building up a negotiation strategy ahead of the project time can guarantee an anticipated and positive result from the IT negotiations. Also it’s always important to involve the legal counsel if necessary before starting early draw up on the current resources of that particular organizations. Likewise, one has to be ready to figure out how to adjust the current system to sudden change in circumstances which may occur duringShow MoreRelatedCourse schedule IST7100 1 1 1589 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY SYLLABUS FACULTY MEMBER: Karen Watson TERM: Summer Block 1 COURSE TITLE: IT Policy Strategy COURSE NUMBER: IST.7100 TEXTBOOK: TITLE: IT Policy and Strategy AUTHOR: Pearson Custom Library ISBN: 978-1-269-12350-1 If you would like more precise information regarding the textbook(s) for this class, please visit the bookstore website at METHOD OF CONTACT:Read MoreInformation technology for managers1289 Words   |  6 Pages INFORMATION TE C H N O L O G Y FO R MANAGERS This page intentionally left blank INFORMATION TE C H N O L O G Y FO R MANAGERS George W. Reynolds University of Cincinnati Australia †¢ Brazil †¢ Japan †¢ Korea †¢ Mexico †¢ Singapore †¢ Spain †¢ United Kingdom †¢ United States Information Technology for Managers  © 2010 Course Technology, Cengage Learning George W. Reynolds ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced, transmittedRead MoreMis Quiz1186 Words   |  5 PagesCollege of Business Administration Course Syllabus Winter 2013 ------------------------------------------------- Course Name: Management Information Systems Course Number: MIS200 51 ------------------------------------------------- Course Pre-requisites: ITE100, ENG105 Credit hours: 3 ------------------------------------------------- Instructor’s Name: Dr. Mehmood Khan Telephone: 02 – 501 5346 ------------------------------------------------- E-mail: MoreRegional Booking Photo Comparison System And The Goal Of The Core System909 Words   |  4 PagesThe goal of the Regional Booking Photo Comparison System is to use mug shot photographs from Snohomish County, Pierce County, and King County and use facial recognition technology to assist law enforcement agencies in generating investigative leads. Currently, the RBPCS stores approximately 620,000 mug shot photographs shared between the partnering jails. These mug photographs make up the database. The RBPCS database is made accessible to partnering agencies through advanced workstations that areRead MoreNetw 583 Strategic Management of Technology Entire Class1609 Words   |  7 PagesNETW 583 Strategic Management of Technology Entire Class Follow Below Link to Download Tutorial For More Information Visit Our Website ( ) Email us At: or NETW 583 Week 1 Discussion DQ1 DQ 2 DQ 1 The Importance of Innovation (graded) Why do you think innovation is so important for firms to compete? DQ 2 WhatRead MoreCollegiate Education Is An Integral Part Of The Formation Of Future Successful Adults1487 Words   |  6 Pagesin front of a large classroom presented various facts with little to no participation by students. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in some universities towards a more involved, participatory style of teaching that incorporates a discussion-based classroom setting. These classrooms have been noted to lead to a much more diverse and individually successful learner. Students in this type of classroom gain the necessary skills to think for themselves and become creative and intelligentRead MoreThe Role of System Analyst1542 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION Rapid and revolutionary changes in technology have created an increasingly information-centric global economy and has impacted the nature of system development and the environment in which the system must function. â€Å"The last decade has seen technologies and tools like the World Wide Web and object oriented analysis rapidly change the very nature of system development â€Å" 1. Developments in Information Technologies (IT) have been one of the major underlying forces that have contributedRead MoreDigital Britain Report And Un Egovt981 Words   |  4 Pagesforward Digital technology mainly Internet that is important to most of the people these days. It empowers business processes to implement business strategy for digital enterprises. 2. Describes massive profits brought by technology revolution in the recent years. 3. A strong representation on market dynamics has been explained how a business organizes an establishing strategy by Porter’s Model. 4. Parts of the chapters provide a description of how the internet, web, and information and communicationRead MoreA Brief Note On The State Water Resources Control Board Negotiation And The California Email Services 2 ( Ces2 )790 Words   |  4 Pageshave been working for two years with the Department of Technology, Statewide Procurement Division (STPD), conducting Information Technology (IT) procurements projects. During the time I have been working with STPD, I have learned to lead IT Procurements; review and approve the Non-Competitively Bids requests, contract amendments, Limit-To Brand requests and Feasibility Study Report; assist and coordinate contract negotiations. Two of the projects that demonstrate my ability to provide good customersRead MoreAn Investigation Of Communicative Competence Of Esl Students Using Electronic Discussion Boards1318 Words   |  6 PagesInvestigation of Communicative Competence of ESL Students Using Electronic Discussion Boards Summary of Research Study In the research article An Investigation of Communicative Competence of ESL Students Using Electronic Discussion Boards, Zha (2006) worked with 28 elementary-aged students who spoke English as a second language (ESL). Over the course of the six-week study 956 messages were posted to an electronic discussion board by the students and were analyzed. The researchers found that